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How Humming helped VSG upsell their clients.

Alex Devine saw an opportunity.

Alex is the Vice President of VSG, a full service marketing agency that has been serving a growing client list for over twenty years. The fifteen person team, who works with clients in specialty spaces ranging from home services to eCommerce, has increasingly seen requests from clients to help spend advertising dollars.
Cue Humming. When Alex learned about Humming, she saw a clear way to increase the servicing of her clients: offer media buying without the staffing costs.
"All client campaigns can be run in a single platform without needing to staff digital ad specialists on our team. This is a game changer for agencies” she said.
VSG, with the help of Humming, was able to upsell a broad swath of channels to place advertising dollars - from search and social to video and display - without the risks or costs associated with staffing expensive and knowledgeable media buyers. As a result, Alex and her team were able to better serve the full needs of any client while creating a healthy new revenue stream for a growing but hungry agency.

How Humming helped.

Starting with their first digital advertising campaign, Alex quickly saw results that she was able to pass along to clients. One campaign, for example, used a combination of Search, Display, Video and Social. Over a period of three weeks, Humming efficiently stretched a relatively small budget of the campaign to generate serious traffic that obtained CTRs 15x above industry standard.
“To have one partner that I can rely on is incredibly valuable and everyone should be doing that. To have at my disposal technology that gets smarter and optimizes as you go and doesn't require the human touch on our part is incredibly helpful to my small team. That's a huge selling point for clients to say 'you don't have to touch base with me and make adjustments, all you have to do is look at your results'” she said.
“Alex and her team came to us with no experience of running any digital marketing - we helped them prepare and run their first ever digital campaign and we've run every one of their digital campaigns since” wrote Blaise, a Senior Account Manager at Humming.
“They are a great proof of concept that we can help transition agencies to digital, helping them make sense of, and be successful in, the digital landscape.”


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