“I couldn’t have asked for anything more from Humming. Their precision location targeting helped us advertise to the people we wanted and got us a ton of traction on our website.”

Sam Eitzen
CEO, The SnapBar

At SnapBar, a photobooth technology company, iterating is everything.

The company was founded by brother Sam and Joe Eitzen in 2012 as more of a hobby. On weekends, the brothers and their camera gear would be invited to functions hosted by friends. The duo learned more about the industry, and the more they worked, the more people reached out to them, filling their weekends.

After a local article highlighted their work, interest surged. Sam and Joe realized they may have stumbled onto something bigger - a need for a photo technology business focused on delivering better, more professional experiences at high-end corporate events.

Business grew. They caught the attention of major brands. Companies like Amazon, Nike, Starbucks and Disney hired their services. The brothers built out product lines that focused on innovating the device capture method by using a Selfie Stand offering company branding, and a Luxe stand for higher-end personal events. Today, Snap Bar is an Inc. 500 company with nearly 50 employees, never having taken a single dollar of outside investment.

Sam, the CEO of the company, was running digital advertisements himself, but knew little of how to optimize his reach or his ad dollars. In lieu of hiring an advertising agency, he chose Humming to spread his ad spend across different display networks and optimize results.

As a comparison, Sam ran half his budget on Humming, and the other half of his budget on Google’s self serve platform. The results stood on their own, the company saw nearly 35% more clicks using Humming than buying direct with Google alone.


The SnapBar


50 Employees




Photobooth Rentals


35% more clicks compared to same Google campaign.

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