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Harnish Auto Family increased their conversions by 4X.

The Harnish auto group is a family owned business that knows value when it sees it.

Known as the “stress-free dealership” that runs Subaru, Chevrolet, and Volkswagen brands, the Harnish family puts an emphasis on innovating. The group, led by President Chris Brown, wanted to find a more effective way to showcase their partnership with JoyDrive, a way for people to buy cars from home.
The old ways of traditional advertising routes were getting stale. Chris and his team knew they needed something more powerful to help them stand out.

How Humming helped.

Once showrooms had to shut down given the recent pandemic, the auto family was thrown into a pandemic world with more questions than answers. To share JoyDrive with prospective clients in this chaotic backdrop, Chris knew he needed something that could move fast. Chris and his team turned to Humming for help.
Humming helped the company shift gears immediately. As clients stopped coming into the dealership, the company pushed out campaigns with little turnaround time to quickly show clients how to purchase a car from the safety of their own homes.
Using Humming, Chris and his team had the flexibility to change campaigns while they were still running with hyper targeting that helped his team quickly build and deploy audiences.

"We see it in the numbers. It’s been working to get us more for our spend. Humming has been instrumental in helping us transition our advertising efforts especially during the pandemic. We changed campaigns mid stream and did not miss a beat."

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Saw 4X number of conversions and 2X number of clicks.


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