Customer story

A National Automotive Supply Company reduced their cost of advertising by 45%.

Their challenge.

An agency’s media buyer skipped town in the middle of the night three weeks before Thanksgiving, they needed an expert solution to take over management of their largest client, a National Automotive Supply Company.
This National Automotive Supply Company is the third-largest supplier of custom-made vehicle seat covers in the United States. Over 80% of their revenue comes from ecommerce, so the health of their advertising accounts was paramount to the health of their business.

How Humming helped.

Humming took over management of this company's media portfolio within hours of meeting. With campaigns running across search, display, video, and display channels, they had a footprint but some liabilities.
The largest portion of their advertising budget was spent on search, but costs and CPAs were increasing steadily heading into the holiday season. Social was converting, but not very efficiently. Video and display were costly and not particularly fruitful.
Bottom line – there was clear room for improvement, and stakes were high given the importance of the holiday shopping season.

Humming rebuilt campaigns over the 6-week holiday period, decreasing ad spend by 11% and increasing sales by 11% in comparison to the previous year.

Optimize, optimize.

Following the Holiday success, the positive trend continued in January with ROAS increasing to 4x, 5x, and 6x – double what it was previously. In programmatic tactics, from January to April, the CPA decreased from $95 to $35 – vastly increasing efficiency of the overall campaigns.
In the most recent month that Humming has directed the media buying for this company, the cost of advertising has decreased by 45.5%, while sales have increased by 9.44%.

"We’re so impressed with what Humming does. Revenue is up and the proportion of sales that goes to fuel advertising is the lowest it has ever been. Ever."


Reduced cost of advertising by 45%.


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