Customer story

Red Sky Advertising saw a 15X increase in conversions for their clients.

Kevin Lafond has been in the digital advertising industry for two decades.

In 1996, he started the third SEO and web development company in the United States seeing an opportunity to help businesses use the power of the internet to grow their communities. “I’ve been in this space since the beginning” he says laughing.
Kevin has seen media buying change over the last twenty years, trying new products along the way. But Humming, he said, was different. “It’s an idea I’ve played with for years. What they’re doing - the combination of technology and principle - is what makes this killer.”

How Humming helped.

After trying Humming, he decided to bring over all of his spend, across his different agencies, calling his longtime media buyer to let him know he was pulling his spend. “He wasn’t happy. But he better get used to this” Kevin says.
Using Humming, he saw the product work, exceeding his expectations. The numbers speak for themselves. Humming was able to drive conversions in a way that Kevin and his team at Red Sky had never seen before.

"Humming outperformed Google 15:1. That’s not an exaggeration that’s a fact. For the same number of impressions, I got 15 times more conversions. And I’m talking conversions, not clicks or impressions, which it also beat, I'm talking conversions. That’s substantial. I was skeptical at first but was blown away."


Got 15X more conversions in comparison to Google.


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