“Advertising through Humming brought us so many new patients we quickly became overwhelmed. We had to pause our campaign until my staff could catch up.”

Dr. Andrew Rife
Owner, Puget Sound Family Health

Puget Sound Family Health’s founder, Dr. Andrew Rife’s first commitment is to the patient and the patient experience.

His clinic team values and respects every patient, and seeks to treat patients individually with integrity, authenticity and excellence. PSFH physicians have over 140 years combined experience, and with national a reputation, the clinic treats patients from all over Washington State, across the country and around the world.

PSFH first opened their doors as North Tacoma Family Health in 2008. They grew slowly but steadily through word of mouth. By 2013, they’d grown enough to move locations to better serve the surrounding area and changed their name to Puget Sound Family Health.

Word of mouth and their reputation kept them busy enough that they never needed to advertise, and in fact, never even put up a sign. But by 2019, in response to increases in patient demand, they added 4 more physicians. PSFH wanted to introduce these physicians to the local community, and decided it was finally time to advertise. They were the first company to advertise with Humming.

Starting with a simple search ad in February 2019, costing just $300, the first month of advertising netted 4,854 impressions and 234 clicks - an impressive 4.8% click thru rate. In real terms, this meant several hundred new visitors to their website, increased web and phone inquiries and an immediate jump in new appointments.

This trend continued, bringing so much business that PSFH decided to pause their ad campaigns for a brief time to allow the clinic to catch up to the demand brought by new patients. Overall, patient visits have increased 27% since they began using Humming.

(Advertising doesn't have to break the bank.)


Puget Sound Family Health


15 Employees




Naturopathic Medical Clinic


Number of patients has increased 27% since they began using Humming.