Customer story

Pacer reached a 6.8X return on their ad spend.

Their challenge.

Pacer is a successful e-commerce company specializing in graphic tees, hats, and drinkware, for a highly targeted audience.
Pacer initially grew their brand using Facebook advertising and relied on an outsourced advertising agency for search campaigns. While they had some success, Pacer was struggling to execute a full-funnel advertising strategy and looking for an advertising partner who could help them grow with an omni-channel approach.

How Humming helped.

Pacer’s dedicated account partner started by preparing a proposal showing how their advertising goals would be met.
For the first time, Pacer felt they had a robust, scalable plan that would help to grow their business while still accurately and consistently representing their brand across all channels. The first campaigns launched just one week after their approval, and experienced success right away.

Pacer's search campaign reached 4X ROAS by the end of the first month, climbing to 6.8X by the end of the 9th week, while the average across search, display, and shopping rose to 5.1X around the same time.

Channel expansion.

Following the success of search, display, and shopping, Humming began to focus on the launch of several social campaigns. Within the first week, these campaigns broke even, and climbed to a 2X ROAS shortly after.
In addition to this rapid success and growth, Pacer will soon be able to run ads on exclusive new platforms, solely because of their relationship with Humming.

Scaling channels.

Pacer relies on Humming to continue scaling each channel and strategizing other channels to implement into their advertising portfolio. Over the next six months, Pacer will develop an effective marketing portfolio across seven different advertising channels.
These campaigns will all be managed by Humming under one roof, with dedicated partners meeting regularly to share insights not only on their ads, but on their target audience, inventory insights, and product performance to help refine their supply chain, product development, and brand appeal as they expand their offering to more products and more people.


Reached a 6.8X return on their ad spend. Established an omni-channel advertising strategy.





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