Customer story

How Multicare used Humming to staff up their Hospitals.

Their challenge.

Frustrated with high costs and lackluster results trying to fill open nursing positions, Multicare, a Washington-based not-for-profit in the healthcare space, turned to Humming.
Leah Butters, Talent Acquisition Lead at Multicare, felt stuck using traditional methods that weren’t yielding enough candidates with the specific qualifications they needed. "The health care job market is extremely competitive, so we are always looking for new ways to attract great talent,” she said.

How Humming helped.

Using Humming, Leah and her team increased the targeting capabilities that allowed her and her team to more accurately reach talent that better met qualifications. As roles diversified, the potential hirees also changed. “Our hiring needs are constantly changing and I appreciate that Humming reflects this ability in the product.”
Relying on the depth of the connected media partners that Humming provides, Leah and her team were able to access additional data points to build highly specific and better targeted audiences across the web.
For hard to find or niche audiences, like those in the health care industry, the ability to access multiple media platforms adds more data and insights that increases targeting capabilities and impacts performance outcomes.
Hiring in the healthcare space is extremely competitive. With a near-global shortage of qualified hospital staff, especially nurses, Leah and her team relied on the ability to adapt campaigns while they were running, to ensure better coverage with their evolving hiring needs.

“As a marketing tool, what I find most valuable about Humming is that it provides clear and up-to-date data and the ability to re-evaluate and edit active campaigns. Our hiring needs are constantly changing and I appreciate that Humming reflects this ability in their product.”


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