Customer story

How a car dealership saved thousands and boosted performance 23x in 18 months.

Their challenge.

Kia of Everett, in Washington State, wanted to reduce its advertising spend without a corresponding reduction in conversion rates. Although the dealership had plenty of funds set aside for advertising, too much of that budget was spent on agency fees instead of outreach.
When the Kia team realized they could get better results without all the extra fees, they made the switch from their traditional automotive media agency to the Humming platform.

How Humming helped.

The switch to Humming didn't just reduce the amount of money the dealership spent on fees. It also gave Kia of Everett the opportunity to create a complete digital marketing funnel. With help from the Humming team and their technology platform, the dealership was able to create Display, Search, Social, and Video ads, improving lead quality and increasing efficiency.
A member of the Kia of Everett team remarks, "Humming has proven to be effective as the premier marketing platform behind the comprehensive ad strategy Kia of Everett used to gain market share across our county, region, and state."

The results speak for themselves.

In the fourth quarter of 2020, the dealership was still working with its traditional agency and had a cost of conversion for search of $101. By the second quarter of 2022, the cost of conversion for search was just $4.41—a decrease of 95.6% after switching to Humming.
With Humming H+, creating a robust digital marketing funnel is only the beginning. Our team has the expertise needed to generate the display creative for each campaign and submit it to corporate partners for pre-approval, giving auto dealerships more time to focus on making sales.


Kia reduced advertising spend and improved their performance 23x in 18 months.


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