“We are very happy with the results we are receiving from Humming, which has taken a HUGE cost center away from my business. I’m happy and my customers are happy. Humming is high on our list of preferred vendors!”

Jason Morgan
Founder & CEO, iLocal

iLocal uses Humming to help their clients get more out of their agency.

In more of a defensive strategy, Jason Morgan, the firms founder and CEO, used Humming to increase his offering to clients. By opening new ways for his clients to spend their advertising dollars across the web, Jason and his iLocal team found a way to use Humming to help his clients understand that there are more ways to target, reach, and connect with potential customers outside of the known social platforms.

After first trying the product, he moved over all of his clients to the platform. Encouraged by the numbers he and his clients were seeing, Jason shared Humming with other agencies in his circle who subsequently started using the platform as well.




10 Employees




Advertising Agency


Increased upsell to clients by 20%

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