Customer story

Humming routinely delivered ROAS between 5x-8x.

Their challenge.

IA Med was brought to Humming by an agency who didn’t have the technology, team, nor time to optimize the niche targeting required to reach nurses and paramedics who were in-market for training curriculum and certifications.
The agency needed help formulating a strategy, and optimizing across ad channels to build a lead funnel for IA Med, while keeping costs low to accommodate the company’s smaller size and marketing budget.

How Humming helped.

Humming followed search campaign best practices to capture people who were interested in IA Meds’ products, driving traffic that helped build an impressive customer base. The Humming team also worked with the agency to test different paths to conversion, providing feedback that drove site optimizations and streamlined the conversion journey.
Humming also used a simple display campaign to retarget site visitors who hadn’t yet purchased, encouraging them to return to the site and convert. Setting up search and retargeting campaigns are pretty standard practice, but Humming’s ability to keep watch over them and keep them continually optimized are far from standard. Humming routinely delivers ROAS between 5x-8x, and this number has been as high as 36.1x.

Becoming a model for success.

IA Med’s impressive customer growth was one of the features that helped attract the attention of Knowfully, the company that recently acquired IA Med. The results Humming achieved with IA Med so impressed Knowfully that they asked Humming to take over the advertising for several other companies in their portfolio.


Increased ad performance while keeping costs low. Became acquired by an educational conglomerate.


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