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Harnish Auto Family increased their conversions by 4X.

“The difference was shocking'' Chris recalled, looking at his Humming advertising dashboard within the first week.

“I remember feeling how surprised I was. I didn’t realize how much room we had to improve.”
President Chris Brown leads The Harnish Automotive Group, which owns Subaru, Chevrolet, and Volkswagen dealerships. Known as the stress-free dealership, Chris and his team felt the old and tired ways of traditional advertising routes were getting stale. They knew they needed something different to help them stand out in a highly competitive and localized space.
“Humming helped us compete in totally new ways. We turned to one place that took care of everything - from spending our ad dollars to reconciliation of the ad spend.”
Humming outperforms traditional ways dealers advertise through a combination of technology that is constantly adapting and a team of people that are experts in the space. The technology helps build a larger top of funnel, where more car shoppers can be reached.

How Humming helped.

Chris and his team used this combination team and technology to better spend their advertising dollars across a larger variety of channels to place advertisements – from search and social to video and display – without the risks or costs associated with staffing expensive and knowledgeable media buyers.
This increase in access to channels, and a constant optimization presence, ensures a larger total number of potential car buyers are reached digitally, and done so in more effective spending.
Alternatives to Humming, on the other hand, take an incredible amount of every advertising dollar a dealership spends and run them across fewer channels - limiting the scope and size of the total number of car shoppers.

"I see it in the numbers. For my brands that are using Humming versus the ones that weren’t – it’s a striking difference. Just stunning. We are seeing four times the results for what we were paying for"


Saw 4X number of conversions and 2X number of clicks.


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