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A leading CBD company reached a 9.14X return on their ad spend.

John, the owner of a leading CBD company, found himself treading water.

He’s used to that feeling being a business owner in the CBD industry - an industry full of complexity, where regulatory burdens create challenges and confusion that continually compound headaches of business owners in the space.
But John saw an opportunity online. He knew his company could expand with a strong e-commerce presence. He knew advertising would play a significant role in this. He soon found the same confusion, driven by regulatory question marks in the CBD space, extending itself into advertising.
John runs a leading CBD company based in Colorado. The company focuses heavily on product quality by using a unique CO2 extraction process to pull CBD and other phytochemicals from locally-grown hemp in the Rocky Mountains.
John turned to Humming to help him scale his advertising. To better leverage his affiliate partners, John uses Humming to maximize his retargeting and client prospecting.

How Humming helped.

Humming’s platform opened a number of new data partners to John and his team. By using the expanded data segmentation tools, they were able to more precisely target potential customers and better enhance their affiliate retargeting – to cover all new advertising channels.
The results spoke for themselves. For their programmatic remarketing campaigns, an effort designed to enhance their affiliate play, they saw a return on advertising spend at 9.14X over a seven-day rolling average.

"The platform technology and service expertise helps us be precise with our advertising efforts, and it's wonderful to have a partner who can truly lead our direction” wrote John.

Pleased with the results and simplicity of the platform, John and his team are able to try some new takes - branching into their pet line (CBD for dogs and cats), for instance. John and his team saw the display campaigns working particularly well with their affiliate partners, where display retargeting was dramatically increasing closing rates. Closing this loop adds more fire power as they grow online, helping John tread a little less water each day.


Reached a 9.14X return on ad spend.



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“With Humming at the helm of our advertising efforts, we're able to focus on our primary responsibilities to our business. We have a partner we can trust to lead us, and performance has consistently aligned with our expectations.”

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