Customer story

Growth - and then some.

Their challenge.

In the heart of the pandemic, a well-established CBD company came to Humming in hopes of expanding their customer base and increasing sales. This nationally-recognized brand tested the waters, starting with a small campaign. Seeing traction, they increased their budget to $5K/mo. Over the last 12 months, they scaled their budget to 14.5K, three times where it started, and more increases are on the horizon.

How Humming helped.

Humming has consistently returned a ROAS between 4.5 and 5.5 over the last year, continually adapting to changes in market conditions and competition. Sales have increased 30-40% in that period, growth that the owners attribute largely to Humming:
“Our sales have definitely increased, and we know that has to be Humming, as there really isn’t anything else we are doing to cause it. Sales are up about 30-40%, and that is thanks to Humming’s good and consistent attention.”
Humming is achieving these great results purely through savvy use of programmatic display. Our advanced tech, expert optimizing teams, and some great data and media partnerships enable that.

Expanding into new territories.

“I’ve been really impressed with what Humming has achieved through just display ads and retargeting. Especially in this harder-to-market vertical. Their prowess led us to trust them with our new product - one that’s even more challenging to bring to market.”
This brand is trusting Humming to market an entirely new product line - featuring Cannabis with Delta 8. Blazing the trail despite blacklisted terms and poorly understood regulation, Humming is helping this brand find safe places to market their new line of medicinal products containing Delta 8, and using paid advertising to expand brand and product awareness.
“I have confidence. If anyone can do it this well and sanely, it’s Humming”
This new product line, launched under the banner of a new company, is set to debut in Q222. It’s the second chapter in the story of the partnership between Humming and this brand. We think this story is just getting started.


This growing CBD company increased their advertising spend from $1,500 to $14,000/mo, and achieved an average 4x ROAS along the way.


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