"A whole new audience is at my fingertips with Humming. By using their audience and location targeting, I built my own persona and increased sales almost 30% in just one weekend."

Josiah Hubbard
Owner, Agape Attire

For Agape Attire, reaching the right audience is key to growth.

This faith-based apparel brand has become increasingly popular, with its focus on the Christian message. As a fully-online business, Agape is constantly tailoring its campaigns to increase reach as production expands.

That’s why Josiah, Agape’s Owner, looked for a way to better reach an extremely specific audience with the ability to easily expand regions when his business felt ready.

He used Humming to build his own custom audience profile and leveraged Humming’s network to connect with websites and apps his ideal customers might frequently visit.

Josiah saw his estimated sales surge with the use of Humming immediately. Sales increased 30% just in the first weekend. Knowing he now has the ability to target his customers, and expand his reach to them regionally will be key tools in growing his business.


Agape Attire


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Saw an increase in 30% in sales.

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