Humming helps you reach the largest audience across the web.

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Expand your digital media strategy with ease.

Humming gives you the ability to easily use multiple demand side platforms in your media strategy.

That means you'll win more auctions, cast a wider audience net, and reach those hard to find customers.

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Start using multiple DSPs for a big advantage.

Increase your
winning bids.

By using multiple bid strategies, you increase your chances of winning bids through all exchanges, including header bidding.

The ability to find audiences through multiple mechanisims is particularly important with increased data privacy laws.

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Leverage data partners across DSPs.

Each DSP has unique backchannel collection tools to better scope and reach unqiue audiences across the web.

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See why experts agree that utilizing multiple DSPs is essential to every media strategy.

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Use the best audience tools on the market.

Leverage our integrations with DSPs to find you the audiences you need.

Hyper-focused, scalable, and dynamic capabilities at your fingertips.

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Access the best ad platforms in one place.

Utilize over 25+ unique DSPs (demand side platforms) through Humming's easy-to-use platform and reach over 97% of the internet.

For agencies

Get more for your clients, and your agency.

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For small business

The easiest place to launch ad campaigns.

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