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Humming brings together advertising networks to help you reach the largest audience across the web.

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Simplified campaign creation.

Quit duplicating work across multiple advertising platforms. Create once in Humming, we'll do the rest.

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One place to track your campaigns.

We bring analytics from all these platforms into one place, so you can become a know-it-all.

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Ads change while they run, not after.

We use pretty smart people and some even smarter algorithms to manage your ads while they're running.

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The best ad networks, all under one roof.

Humming uses the world’s best ad networks with diverse audience data sets to get your ads in front of the right people, at the right time.

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Timely analytics, letting you act faster.

Quickly see where your ads go, who is seeing them, and track where your money is going. Easily request edits to your campaigns, even after they’re running.

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Adaptive ads change as your campaign runs.

We don't think it makes sense to wait for a wrap report to see how effective your ads were. That's why we use algorithms and people to monitor performance and make changes to your ads in real time.

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Create quickly

Upload your creative or easily build your own ads with Canva.

Any audience

Reach people where they are - on websites, apps, and blogs.


Check where your ads go, who sees them, and what it costs.


Timely analytics shared in one place with data you can use.

Edit on the fly

Easily change campaigns even after they’re running.

Real humans

Any time you get lost or stuck, we’ve got real people to help.

“I couldn’t have asked for anything more from Humming. Their precision location targeting helped us advertise to the people we wanted and got us a ton of traction on our website.”

Sam E.
CEO, The SnapBar.

Sam was trying to increase conversions to drive more customers to his website. Humming helped Sam get 35% more sign ups on their website than their same budgeted campaign with Google.

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